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We invite you to use our mortgage calculator to figure out the financial aspects of buying a Utah home — and the best part is that this is completely free! You can see what price range you should stay within, what your payments will be, and how making additional payments will affect the principal.

Using the Mortgage Calculators

You are just a few clicks away from finding out how much your monthly housing costs will be, and you can also work out how much interest you will pay during the lifetime of the loan. To get started, you will want to have the following numbers handy:

  • Cost of Your Home: This is the total price of the house.
  • Your Down Payment: This is the percentage that you pay upfront, and this will vary, depending on a number of factors that can include how much cash you have on hand and the rules set forth by your lender. It is possible to avoid paying principal mortgage insurance if you cover at least 20% of your home’s price in your down payment.
  • Total Being Financed: This number is different depending on whether you’re refinancing or are purchasing a new home. This figure will be your remaining balance if you already own your home, and if you are buying new, it will be the total home cost minus any money you put down.
  • Length of the Loan Term: This is set by your bank, and it refers to the number of years it will take to pay off your mortgage if you do not make additional payments. The standard period for a loan on a new purchase is 30 years, while those looking to refinance can generally choose from between a 20, 15, and a 10-year  term.
  • Rate of Interest: You can research the average rate for mortgages in your region, and you can ask your bank to give you a range of projected rates to help you narrow this figure down.

Things Outside the Scope of This Calculator:

  • Estimated taxes
  • Fees associated with closing
  • Costs of daily living and home maintenance, such as electricity, water, and homeowners’ association dues
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